We are systematic plant anatomists interested in the evolution of anatomical diversity in plants. In particular, we address how and when complex plant anatomies have evolved by integrating data from ontogeny (development) and phylogeny. We also investigate the evolution of potential key innovations which have sparked species diversification in various plant groups. We are motivated by complex anatomies in all plant organs (leaves, fruits, flowers, wood, bark), in any lineage of plants. Much of our investigations focus on the evolution and development of climbing woody vines (lianas), as this life form has evolved multiple times, and is correlated with novel wood and bark characteristics.  All of my students are encouraged to choose their own research questions and taxonomic groups. Although our core expertise lies in plant anatomy, we are committed to developing a broad intellectual framework, encompassing aspects of phylogenetics, systematics, and evolutionary theory.  

& Education

Associate Professor – Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México – Instituto de Biología

Head of the National Herbarium of Mexico (MEXU) and its wood collection

Research Associate - National Museum of Natural History - Smithsonian Institution

Post-docs:  Smithsonian Institution MMNH (2016-2018) and UNESP-Botucatu (2021-2022)

Ph.D. and M.Sc. – Botany (Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil).

B.Sc. – Biology (Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil and Università di Bologna, Italy)

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